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The GHM Messtechnik Group was founded in 2009 out of the companies GREISINGER electronic, Honsberg Instruments and Martens Elektronik. It is a full-range supplier for measurement and industrial electronics.



In March 2010, Imtron Messtechnik was integrated as fourth company into the GHM group, in July 2013 these companies were merged to form GHM Messtechnik. At this time was also the new sales and training center implemented at Erolzheim. As new partner for regulation equipment, company T&A Telemetrie & Automation was won in March 2014.

Since end of 2015 Delta Ohm in Padua/Italy is a member of the GHM group, which is now active at the division of environmental measurement technology, microclimate-analysis, acoustic, light metering and water-analysis.



With approximately 300 employees and more than 35 developers in seven locations – Erolzheim, Regenstauf, Remscheid, Barsbüttel, Owingen, Kassel and now Padua – GHM Messtechnik is capable of offering a complete product portfolio for the widest range of requirements.


Our sales network with several sales engineers covering whole Germany, provides excellent technical support. Supplemented by our sales subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Denmark and the Netherlands, as well as sales representatives and representations all over Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Africa we are almost world-wide present. This extensive network allows us to ensure optimal customer service on site.

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